German Real Estate Banking

Do you need a bank account in Germany to purchase Real Estate?

There is no need to open a bank account in Germany in order to purchase real estate. If you have purchased a property, this can be paid from any foreign bank account. Nevertheless, you must have your own account with a local bank to pay for the living, utilities, house settlements.

Non-citizens, who purchase real estate in Germany, have the right to open accounts in any bank in the country. However, to become an account holder, a person must meet all the criteria that a bank sets for foreign clients which include:

  1. A presence of a German residence permit –  The foreigner has the right to register at the address of the property he/she acquired.
  2. Availability of income to the account – Transparency in receiving income of a foreign client is also important because banks strictly monitor compliance with German legislation.

The personal presence of a person when opening an account with a German bank is mandatory. To apply for an account opening, the following documents are usually required:

  • A passport;
  • Confirmation of registration at the place of residence in Germany;
  • A certificate of income;
  • A contract of sale of the acquired property.

After the bank checks all documents and the authenticity of the data provided by the client, a person is notified of the account opening. From this moment he/she can use it.

Opening an account in any bank in Germany is not difficult. However, for a non-citizen it can be tricky.

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