Mortgages in Germany

Getting a mortgage in Germany is one of the most loyal to non-citizens. German banks are ready to provide a mortgage loan at par and almost on the same terms as they offer for German citizens. When buying a property in Germany, you can take advantage of such a wonderful and convenient opportunity!

How to get a mortgage loan in Germanny

It is necessary to pay 30% of the cost of the acquired property. Also, a person must have a legal income sufficient for repayment of the loan, maintenance of the real estate and personal needs. Some banks require the minimum value of the property to be €50 000 – €60 000.

It is also worth noting that obtaining a mortgage loan is possible not only with the purchase of one apartment or house but also with the purchase of other types of properties such as apartment buildings.

Mortgage loans can be obtained for a period of 5 to 30 years. Most often, a loan is granted for 10 years with a further renewal option. The interest rate on the loan in Germany on average is about 5.5% annually.

We offer the possibility of obtaining a mortgage loan on much more favorable terms – only 4% annually!

The bank makes a decision on a loan within two weeks. An applicant is usually notified in writing.

The main requirement for the mortgage recipient is decency and fulfillment of the loan maturity. The loan is issued on the security of the acquired real estate. Therefore, this property remains the property of the bank until the entire loan amount is paid off with interest.

The list of the requirements:

  • Confirmation of the borrower’s solvency to repay the mortgage in the long term (the amount of monthly payments on the loan should not exceed 35% of the borrower’s monthly income);
  • confirmation of the source of income (information on wages, income from investments, leases, other savings);
  • confirmation of the borrower’s personal data.

EW Immobilien Real Estate GmbH provides you with a unique opportunity to obtain a mortgage loan for the property you purchase! We will help you with the loan in one of the most reliable European banks – Deutsche Bank. We will prepare all the necessary documents, provide you with an interpreter, and provide support services for the entire procedure of obtaining a loan.

Mortgage Requirements

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