Good investment opportunity in Real Estate – Germany

Property can be one of the best investments you can make and one of the biggest financial decisions of your life so it’s important that you get it right from the start to ensure that you are making the right investment.

Germany is one of the most stable and growing real estate countries in Europe, in fact Germany is now ranked among the top 6 locations for investments in Europe this year.

So why is investing in Germany a good real estate opportunity?

The German Property Market

In 2017 the German real estate investment market accounted for €68 billion which was a significant increase from the €54 billion invested the year before. Germany’s property market offers many benefits for property investors that include; its growth of population, ability to generate new business from Brexit and strong economic conditions as well as political stability.

Is there a risk of a Property Bubble?

Since Germany’s house prices have climbed to about 60% since 2010, there are growing concerns that there could be a risk of a property bubble as a result. A property bubble occurs following a boom in real estate prices, once property prices constantly increase, at some point the bubble will burst resulting in a quick decline in prices.

As it stands experts predict that there is no risk of a property bubble because rising property prices are only an indicator of a possible bubble. Other factors of a property bubble would include people struggling to pay off their mortgages and an increase in speculative buying which are not evident in the current German market, according to Anja Diers, the chairwoman of the Gutachterausschuss.

There is a continued real estate demand and a strong economic forecast so it looks like 2018 will be shaping up to be another year of growth.

What You Need to Know

To gain a better understanding of the investment opportunities there are some key elements that every investor needs to do to gain a better understanding of the German property market and what to expect.

Research the market

The real estate market, no matter what country you are in doesn’t stay the same, so it’s important that you research the German real estate market before you invest in property. Here at EW Real Estate we specialise in German property so if you choose us to help with your investment, we can provide you will that the information you require.


Investing in property will rely on many factors, one being the economic state of the area you are looking to invest in and we don’t just mean the county, but the cities and other areas within the county. So far in 2018 Germany’s cities are seeing the best real estate boom, Berlin coming in top as the fastest-growing housing market out of 150 global cities in 2017.


It’s important to understand all the costs involved when investing in German property. Depending on what type of property you are looking to invest in will depend on what costs will affect you. Make sure you contact a local real estate company, such as ourselves who can guide you through the investment process outlining any costs you may need to provide.

Why Choose EW Real Estate

Here at EW Real Estate we have a long heritage within the property industry (since 2005) so we know how to cater to all of our clients property expectations. With our highly experienced team at hand EW Real Estate will be able to help you find the property of your dreams at the most affordable price.

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